Splayfoot, also known as duck foot, is a condition that affects some children, whose soles don’t arch even after the age of three or four, when this should normally be happening, since most children are born with flat feet.

And since prevention is better than cure, doctors suggest a number of exercises and moves that parents should practice with their children in order to correctly shape their feet.

Here are ten types of exercises to prevent kids from splayfoot that should be “administered in small portions”, as play, two or three exercises, two or three times a day:

1. The child has to walk on a narrow, 10-15 cm wide path. The sides of the path must be drawn in chalk or marked with rope. The child must walk without stepping over these limits.

2. The “Teddy bear” exercise – walking on the outer sides of their feet.

3. Walking and running in sand, on naked ground, on pebbles.

4. The child must pick up different objects using his toes, than place them in a hamper. This exercise can be performed while standing or sitting.

5. You can ask the child to pick up a scarf and a pencil with his toes, and then place them in a basket.

6. Tall vs. short. The child stands on his tiptoes and he becomes tall. He sets his feet fully on the ground and becomes short.

7. Walking on a massage mat.

8. Riding a bicycle or a tricycle.

9. Jumping the rope.

10. Walking on tiptoes.