If you’re looking for some tips to help you limit your child’s time spent in front of the TV, this article can give you some very good ideas. Not sure what “your kid is watching too much TV” means? You can find out in two simple steps:

  1. Make note of the TV channels that he’s watching on an everyday basis
  2. Find out what their running time is – from the TV guide or from the Internet

And if the result is over two hours per day, then your child spends too much time in front of the TV.

Here are some very useful tips that will help you avoid the TV turning into an addicton and encourage him to try other creative and healthy activities. Try them all and find out which one will work with your child!

Is your child watching too much TV? Turn on the TV only when someone wants to watch it. Otherwise, keep it turned off!

Turning on the TV to have some background noise is a pretty common habit. Children use every opportunity to watch TV, and the fact that you keep it turned on only encourages them. Thus, turn it on only when there’s a TV show or a movie that the family wants to see.

Our advice: Organize the TV channels! Because we don’t use a TV guide, we tend to turn on the TV and look for an interesting channel. Often we end up watching different channels because we couldn’t find anything better. Look through the TV guide and only select shows that you or another member of the family want to watch. Write the days and hours on a piece of paper so that nobody will miss their favorite show. Otherwise, because you know there isn’t anything interesting on TV, keep it turned off and encourage your child to try other activities.

In time, he’ll get used to the fact that the TV is turned on only when there’s something really interesting to watch and he’ll learn from you how to organize his schedule and include other activities on his own.

Is your child watching too much TV? Program the TV set to turn off by itself

Today, almost every TV can turn off by itself. Program it to turn itself off sometime between 30 minutes and an hour. Let this be like a rule of the house. Thus, the child won’t get mad at you for interrupting him right when it was getting “awesome” or “interesting”.

Is your child watching too much TV? Respect the schedule that you created with your child

Turn on the TV a few minutes before the TV show that he chose begins. And when it’s over, turn off the TV.

Is your child watching too much TV? Record the TV shows

If you have this option, learn how to use it to record the shows and movies that your child wants to watch. Thus, he can go outside or do other activities (swimming, dancing, painting, etc.). And when you come home, you can watch the recording together.

Is your child watching too much TV? Then don’t use the TV for relaxation

Even though it is a very common habit and everyone does it often, the TV set is not the most appropriate way to relax, watching movies. Instead, read a book with your child! This way you dedicate yourselves to a creative activity that puts your imagination to work. And your child learns from you to like reading – it’s a challenge that a lot of parents face.

Is your child watching too much TV? Explain to your child that not everything that’s on TV is good

Therefore, you must make a selection and choose only what is relevant. Depending on his age, you can explain that he has to choose by himself the shows that deserve his attention.

How do you manage to limit TV in your child’s life?