3. At work, unlike home, you’re actually appreciated for what you do

When kids are older, sometimes they do show some appreciation towards their mothers. But most of the times, they don’t. And you definitely can’t expect a baby to do it. Everybody needs to be appreciated. When there’s no appreciation, there’s no motivation to pursue a certain activity.

Things can get even worse when husbands don’t understand that a stay at home mom need three times more appreciation and gratitude than usually. A lack of appreciation further enhances the chances for depression.
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4. A mother’s working schedule: more than 12 hours a day

Being on maternal leave isn’t just about playing with the baby and resting. It involves all the house chores: making meals, cleaning, washing. It also involves waking up in the middle of the night, because your partner needs to wake up early to go to work, so it’s more important that he gets to sleep. So a stay at home mom’s workday ends up a lot longer than a normal workday.

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5. Not enough communication and support

A woman who’s on maternal leave doesn’t get to communicate enough. Even if it may seem that she has a circle of friends, perhaps other moms from the playground. In reality, after a woman gives birth, she completely leaves the social groups the used to be a part of. It takes a while to get used to that, and then there’s the revelation that in the new social groups that she joins she can’t communicate the way she was used to. So, it may seem that she communicates a lot, but the quality of these interactions is debatable.

These are the five main differences between a being a stay at home mom and being a working dad. The psychologist doesn’t just describe the problem, but he also brings forward a set of solutions and advice for dads:

  • According to this specialist, men must understand that this is a trying time for everyone. Simply acknowledging that will help them to adequately face all the hardships and complications of this period.
  • He also advises dads to try and make their wives’ lives as easy as possible. The same way a man needs some relaxation after a hard day of work, so does a woman. It’s only fair that both parents manage as many things as possible doing their workday. That’s what parenthood means.
  • Dads must remember that especially during this period, women need as much support and appreciation as possible and that they should offer it to her.
  • Dads must regularly give their wives a chance for a day off, during which they can do whatever they feel like: see their friends, take a walk or go shopping.

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