Your child is not eating? You should know that there are many parents in your situation: 1 out of 3 kids refuse to eat, and most picky eaters are almost impossible to convince to eat vegetables or fish.

You probably do have a problem when your child only eats a small amount of food and when he only likes to eat certain things.

One of the reasons for this is the absence of a rigorous meal schedule and of some basic rules. Because they lack time (including for cooking), but also because they want to avoid any tensions with the child (they don’t want to make him cry), parents sometimes give into the whims of their children.

Your child is not eating? Here are the most common mistakes that parents make:

1. They don’t have a menu set for the following days, so they quickly throw in together meals that aren’t always a kid’s favourites. 70% of parents admit that they have no control over their children’s food habits.

2. they don’t set rules. This is the reason why 75% of children eat in front of the television
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3. Have patience and listen to your child. Find out what he likes to eat, and then, starting from these types of food, encourage him to try some new ones. And not all children consume the same amounts of food!

4. Get him involved in setting up meals.

5. Go shopping together and ask him to help you pick out vegetables.

6. Let him help you cook! He will be more interested in food if he gets involved in preparing it.

7. Eat together, but not in front of the TV.

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8. Don’t chase him with a spoon around the park

9. Avoid fights and quarrels during mealtime. Your mealtime should be a pleasant moment and it should be a daily habit.

10. Take his plate away and try again later if he’s already spent 15-20 minutes without eating.

11. Use sauces, if he refuses to eat vegetables. You can prepare a healthy dressing (out of yogurt or tomato sauce), so that your kid can play with his veggies in it.

12. No fast food!

13. On occasion, you can allow him to eat things that you usually forbid: a little bit of chocolate, ice cream, cakes or popcorn at a movie. You know that at some point he will decide what he wants to eat all on his own, so you should make sure that in your absence he is well balanced and capable of making good decisions. If you occasionally offer him other less healthy sweets, he won’t have the curiosity to discover them later and eat them irresponsibly.

14. Be a role model!Children learn by example. If you’re food habits are chaotic, if you can’t help yourself from eating sweets or refuse to eat vegetables, then your child will consider this behaviour as acceptable.

15. Show a sense of humour!During weekends, when you have more spare time, invest some in setting up his meal and decorate his plate in a funny way. With the right vegetables, you can make a funny animal or some other character.

Photo: Ponce_photography on Pixabay