Everyone has one or more bad habits that constantly take up time that could be spent doing other productive activities or relaxing. We’re talking about things we spend more time on than we should.

In time, things start piling up, and a modern mom’s time is extremely limited. As a consequence, doing certain things out of habit or because we have to stops us from getting enough rest and, eventually, leads to burn-out.

Instead of sleeping we keep doing these things over and over again, which makes us feel even more tired and flooded by undone or unfinished things.

Bad habits slip into our lives unnoticed, but they usually end up consuming precious hours of our time, so every so often we ask ourselves at the end of the day: “What have I done with my time?” and we can’t find a straight answer.

The secret is to identify these bad, time and energy consuming habits, to become aware of them, to acknowledge them and to replace them with good habits, according to abundantmama.com.

Here are 20 bad habits that you should put a stop to immediately, before you end up exhausted:

1. Checking your email every time a new message lands in your inbox.
2. The obsession of cleanliness, that keeps eating away your time.
3. Being worried about things you can’t control.
4. Reading news on Facebook when you’re bored or tired.
5. Not getting enough sleep.
6. Waking up too late.
7. Scheduling too many things in the morning for the following day.
8. Expecting too much from one single day.
9. Juggling too many things at the same time.
10. Forgetting to do the important things first.
11. Checking your email first thing after you wake up.
12. Going to bed with your phone or other gadget.
13. Spending all day in front of the computer.
14. Staring at a screen more than at the people you love.
15. Putting off small things for so long that they become important.
16. Forgetting to schedule a time for relaxation and fun.
17. Being in a hurry all the time.
18. Not really listening to the people around you.
19. Saying “yes” to everyone but yourself.
20. Not knowing how to respectfully say “no”.