Secrets to Raising a Happy Child – Ask him:

26. Why do you think this happened?

27. What do you think, what’s going to happen if…?

28. How can we find out more about this?

29. What are you thinking about?

30. What’s your most pleasant memory from today?

31. What does that taste like?


Secrets to Raising a Happy Child – Show him:

32. How to do something, instead of forbidding it.

33. How to whistle with a leaf or with grass.

34. How to shuffle cards, how to make a fan out of cards or how to use them to build a castle or a house.

35. How to cut food.

36. How to fold his clothes and his linens.

37. How to look for information when he doesn’t know the answer to a question.

38. How to show attachment to your partner.

39. That it is important to take care of yourself.


Secrets to Raising a Happy Child – Make time:

40. To notice building sites together.

41. To look at the birds.

42. To allow your child to help you with meals.

43. To go hiking with your child.

44. To play in the mud with him.

45. To do things in your child’s rhythm.

46. To simply sit with your child while he’s playing.

Secrets to Raising a Happy Child – Make him happy:

47. Make him a surprise.

48. Put chocolate in his pancakes.

49. Shape his snack like a smiley face.

50. Play with him on the floor.


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Secrets to Raising a Happy Child – Let go of:

51. Guilt.

52. Thoughts about how he should be.

53. Your need to always be right.


Secrets to Raising a Happy Child – Give:

54. Look at your child with kindness in your eyes.

55. Smile when you see your child.

56. When your child hugs or kisses you, hug or kiss back.

57. Before you tell him something, establish eye contact.

58. Allow him to manage his anger or sadness before you help him.

59. Take a relaxing bath in the evening.

60. Choose the right way to be better with your child.




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