Many parents ask themselves: „How can I raise a happy child?”  It’s no longer news to anyone that everything parents say or do influences the child’s development, regardless of what he chooses to do with his life.

And even if they don’t have access to the best information or techniques, most parents want to raise balanced and self-confident children.

In order to do that, and in order to raise a someone who is capable of loving and of being loved, capable of enjoying life and of bringing joy to those around and of appreciating all of life’s gifts, we need to work for it when they’re young and still in our homes.

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Russian psychologist Elena Makarenko put together a list of 60 steps that parents can take in order to raise grateful, happy children.

Secrets to Raising a Happy Child – Always say:

1. I love you.

2. I love you no matter what.

3. I love you even when you’re angry at me.

4. I love you even when I’m angry I you.

5. I love even you when you’re far away from me. My love is always with you.

6. If I had had the chance to pick any child in the world to be my own, I would have still picked you.

7. I love you to the moon and back.

8. Thank you.

9. I loved playing with you today.

10. My favorite memory from this day, of all the things we did together, is…


Secrets to Raising a Happy Child –  Tell him:

11. The story of his birth or adoption.

12. About how you used to caress him as a baby.

13. About how you chose his name.

14.About you when you were his age.

15. About how his grandparents met.

16. About your favorite colors.

17. About how, sometimes, it’s hard for you as well.

18. That when you hold his hand and you squeeze it three times, it means „I love you”

19. About your short-term plans.

20. About your job, about what you do at work.


Secrets to Raising a Happy Child – Listen:

21. To what he says during a car ride.

22. To what he says about his toys and think about how important these things are to him.

23. To his questions and to his genuine cries for help.

24. A second longer than you have the patience for.

25. Feelings, emotions that hide behind his words.


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