1. Healthy kids.
    2. A quiet home.
    3. Time to take a shower and eat in peace.
    4. Appreciation for all the 10.001 things she does everyday.
    5. Feet massage.
    6. When someone else is cooking and handling the dishes.
    7. Money to buy that expensive perfume / expensive shoes / amazing dress / must-have makeup product
    8. Girls night out (adults only!)
    9. Freedom to make life choices.
    10. Snuggles and cuddles.
    11. A chance to wear heels and a sexy dress more than 1-2 time / year.
    12. Being the cool mom.
    13. 100% father involvement
    14. Real friends
    15. Nail polish remover wipes and long lasting polish.
    16. Tantrum free home
    17. A good TV show to watch after kids are asleep.
    18. A clean home and a private housekeeper who cooks.
    19. A very understanding husband.
    20. A secret chocolate stash in the house.
    21. Time to relax.
    22. Time to workout.
    23. The best hair dye, face cream and the best body lotion for that mega dry skin.
    24. SLEEP
    25. A non “Mom Routine Day”
    26. The perfect family portrait.
    27. Stop worrying what other people think.
    28. Avoid negativity.
    29. Accept the imperfections.
    30. Stop acting like a martyr.


Photo credit: Pixabay.com